World class translation need not cost the Earth

There are 6500 languages, spoken by 7.4 billion people and there’s one way to reach them: we translate … so you can grow.

About Aktuel, premium translation agency

Over the last 25 years we have built a network of more than 4,000 technical translators around the world. Our translators are individually-selected native speakers of the languages that we translate into. They must have at least 3 years translation experience and most commonly hold a Masters Degree in translation.

As of 2015, we can provide technical translation between more than 150 languages. We are ISO9001 quality-certified for translation into over 400 language combinations. At its core, Aktuel Translations remains a classic translation agency with old-fashioned standards of fair pricing and traditional standards of rigour.

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Our Clients

We work for a wide variety of clients. Here is a sample from our current translation client list. Some are well known, some less so. All are equally important to us.

Translation Languages

Afrikaans – Albanian – Amharic – Arabic – Armenian – Assyrian – Basque – Belarusian – Bengali – Bulgarian – Cantonese – Catalan – Chinese – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Dutch – English – Estonian – Farsi – Finnish – Flemish – French – Gaelic – Georgian – German – Greek – Gujarati – Hebrew – Hindi – Hungarian – Indonesian – Irish – Italian – Japanese – Korean – Kurdish – Laotian – Latin – Latvian – Lingala – Lithuanian – Malay – Maltese – Mandarin – Middle English – Mongolian – Norwegian – Old English – Pashto – Polish – Portuguese – Punjabi – Romanian – Russian – Serbian – Slovene – Somali – Spanish – Swahili – Swedish – Tamil – Tibetan – Turkish – Ukrainian – Urdu – Uzbek – Welsh – Vietnamese – Yiddish

Quality Control

We have a 4-part approach to technical translation and all of our premium linguistic services:

1. Sourcing a translation team (translator and proof reader) with the relevant experience.
2. Translation by a professional translator into their mother tongue.
3. Proofing against a 30 item checklist, including technical accuracy, grammar and style.
4. Second proofing by one of our project managers to ensure all changes have been carried out and nothing is missing.

A professional translator must be translating into their mother tongue. Our team are very carefully vetted before we consider using them and their details are reviewed specific to the project in hand. They have to hold an approved qualification in translation and they must be able to demonstrate sound practical experience in the subject area. Furthermore, the document is always proofed by a second translator. Once this is done and any changes to the text have been carried out, the job is checked again and finally sent to the client, usually by electronic transfer. Translators usually work from home but can be brought in-house, should you require.