Defence Translation

  • Technical guides and user manuals

  • Tender documentation

  • Marketing material

  • Legal translation

Each translator must have an officially recognised translation qualification, such as a Masters Degree in Translation and furthermore they must have sound practical expertise in defence translation.


The proof reader’s remit is to work closely with the original translator and check the final, translated document against the original material to ensure

  1. Accuracy
  2. Consistency of style
  3. No grammatical or spelling errors

A third proofing is carried out by the Project Manager at Aktuel Translations to check small but important details, such as page numbering, reference numbers and formatting. The Project Manager will also be your point of contact throughout the job and is there to monitor deadlines and budgets on behalf of the client. Completed material is returned in the client’s chosen format, usually by electronic transfer (email/FTP) or disk and bound hard copy. All legal translations carry a written certification from Aktuel Translations, witnessed by a solicitor if required.

Security Clearance

For key staff and on site, we carry security clearance for the UK, allowing us to translate and handle sensitive and classified documentation.


We translate hundreds of patents every year and carry out legal translations for a range of clients including: Cavendish Nuclear (formerly Babcock), BAE Systems, Kelvin Hughes, Siemens, Smiths Detection, Thales UK and many private defence firms around the world.