International team

A translation agency is nothing without its linguists. Here is our core team of freelance translators from around the world, helping you to get your message across perfectly wherever you want to grow.

Francesco - Italian

“Two years ago, I started to collaborate with Aktuel as a freelance translator. My professional experience with Aktuel is extraordinary regarding all related aspects. The translation projects are well scheduled. The communications with the team of Project Managers is good and professional. PMs are always available for resolving any issue can arise, at any stage of the translation process. And the payments are always provided in a timely manner.”

Jonathan - English

“I have worked with Aktuel since 2013, and thoroughly recommend them – friendly, with a consistent eye to quality, and excellent communicators — what more could a freelance translator want?”

Julia - German

“I have been working with Aktuel since my internship in 2016/2017. The communication is always very friendly and any arising questions regarding the translation are usually answered within minutes. The payment is transferred punctually and jobs are offered on a regular basis. Great client!”

Esther - German

“Throughout my time working with Aktuel Translations the company has been an exemplary, professional, and friendly company to deal with. The projects that are sent through are varied and interesting, and payment is always prompt. There is a good flow of dialogue from the Project Managers, and although I am a Freelancer I feel like part of the team. I would happily recommend Aktuel Translations to anyone, and hope to continue working with them for a very long time!”

Fanny - French

Fanny has been a freelance translator since 2006. She translates from English and German into French, specialising in the translation of patents, particularly relating to Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceuticals. She has been collaborating regularly with the team at Aktuel Translations since 2016.

Fedja - Croatian

Dr. Fedja Imamovic is a Croatian linguist, a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in linguistics and a professional English and Croatian translator and language expert. As a holder of a master’s degree in translation studies and a PhD degree in linguistics, Fedja is currently one of the most prominent and highly sought-after Croatian linguists and translators, especially in the fields of patents, medicine, pharmacology, pharmacovigilance, medical devices, technology and science.

Laure - French

“As a French senior translator specialising in the field of patents, with over 18 years of experience, I can honestly say that Aktuel Translations is my most valuable and faithful client. Our collaboration started back in 2012, and we have been working together ever since. Communication has always been fluid with skilled project managers, and conscientiousness is core to their values.”

Angela - English

I have been collaborating with Aktuel as a German-English patent translator and proofreader since 2022. The inhouse team is always a pleasure to work with: professional, responsive and approachable. I appreciate the human touch and the value the company places on its freelancers.

Siân - English

“I started at Aktuel Translations as an intern and went on to become a permanent employee. I decided to go freelance in 2015 and have worked for the company ever since. The project managers are professional, polite and organised. Deadlines are always very reasonable and it is clear they value quality. I would recommend this company to any freelancers looking for a mutually respectful and rewarding professional relationship.”

Achim - German

“Having worked for several translation agencies over the past years, I can truly say that Aktuel Translations stand out in all respects: for more than 10 years they send me a constant flow of high quality source texts, offer realistic deadlines, respond fast to emails, are always professional, friendly and helpful, and, last but not least, pay always on-time.

But above all, it’s a pleasure to work with Aktuel Translations because they make you feel a part of the team.”

Anna - Swedish

“I have worked with Aktuel Translations since 2014 and have never been disappointed. The collaboration has always been smooth and enjoyable. The PMs are professional, efficient and very pleasant to work with. The projects offered are interesting and relevant, and always followed by timely payments. It’s hard to find a better partner than Aktuel Translations, and I highly recommend them to fellow freelancers. An extra plus are the company’s language-related, often humorous, little gems regularly posted on Twitter. Looking forward to many more years of collaboration!”

Badr - French

“Working with Aktuel Translations has been a great learning experience. Project managers are always there to help and are very responsive. E-mails are replied to within minutes, which is very rare in the industry. If you are a patent translator and you are serious about advancing your career, I highly recommend working with Aktuel Translations.
Also, payments are always processed ahead of time, which is awesome.”

Don - English

“In a quite lengthy career, I have found my association with Aktuel to be one of the most satisfying and productive.  We work together as a team with the shared aim of providing the best possible translation to our clients.”

Betty - Italian

“I’ve been working with Aktuel as a freelencer for more than a year, after a great internship experience and I have always found professional collaborators, always available both to help and have a laugh together. In addition to the extreme care with which the jobs are assigned, and the far more than reasonable deadlines, I feel the Aktuel team is the perfect place to grow personally and professionally always feeling supported.”

Eric - Chinese

Over the past 10 years, I have done a wide range of projects for Charlie and other Aktuel guys there. Among them, I like the Wine Mag project best. Very interesting and inspiring! Thank you indeed for all these great opportunities!”

Nadine - German

I have been working with Aktuel for several years now and it has been a pleasure working with them. The PMs are professional, always friendly and respectful, and responsive to any issues or queries. They have provided me with a steady workflow over the years and the time frames to work on translations are very reasonable. In fact, knowing my deadlines most of the time well in advance gives me quite a bit of flexibility, not to mention a sense of security. In addition to that, there have never been any issues with payments. All round great experience and I would certainly be happy to continue working with them for many more years.”

Päivi - Finnish

“I have been working as freelance translator since 2002 (before that I studied French language at the University of Helsinki). I have lived and studied in France for 5 years when I was younger. My hobbies are reading books, geocaching and hiking. I am curious about new technology and I like to travel as a backbacker all around Europe.”

Paula - German

“I came to Aktuel Translations as an intern in 2017 and have been translating for them as a freelancer ever since. The company is very professional and offers great support during internships and for all subsequent collaboration, which ensures the translations’ top quality. Working with Aktuel is highly enjoyable, the team is very responsive and always there to help.”

Barbara - Polish

“I’m a Ph.D. in chemistry with almost 20 years of experience in chemical and pharmaceutical patent translations. I started cooperation with Aktuel Translations in 2014, and it’s been a great relationship for me ever since. My motto is ‘read carefully and understand, then translate’. This attitude is strongly supported by Aktuel.”

Catherine - French

“I worked for Aktuel Translations as a full-time in-house translator for three years and I’m now a part-time freelance translator for Aktuel.”

Dimitra - Greek

“I have been working as an freelance translator for Aktuel since 2012, translating mostly technical and pharmaceutical patents into the Greek language. Our cooperation has always been smooth and impeccable. All project managers are very polite and communicative, and it’s always a pleasure to work with them!”

Roberto - Italian

Having studied and worked in the UK for seven years, I can safely say that the team at Aktuel Translations embodies a quintessentially British ethos. They are very responsive and forthcoming; issues, if any, are dealt with very promptly, and I am really made to feel part of the team. Working freelance from a remote location, I find there is only one thing missing: tea break.”

Vanessa - Portuguese

“I specialise in English and Spanish into Brazilian Portuguese translation, transcreation, subtitling, transcription, as well as voice-over projects on a wide array of topics, such as Ethics, Law, Creative Marketing, Advertisement, Diegesis, Books, Corporate and more, with over 30 years of experience, applying Agile principles for faster turnarounds. I advocate for proactively asking regular feedback to achieve continuous learning and improvement, as well as maintaining an open line of communication with clients, and those are a couple of the many reasons why I have enjoyed working with Aktuel for more than a decade now.”

Virginia - Italian

“I started working as a freelance translator in 2017, after a 3-month internship at Aktuel, which helped me gain professional experience and a real insight into technical translation. As a freelancer, I have the chance to work on numerous projects and get useful feedback from the PMs, which is a source of continuous improvement. After 3 years, I can say I feel very happy with what I do, and my time spent at Aktuel was certainly key to this.”

Lisa - German

After a great internship at Aktuel I was offered to continue translating for them as a freelancer. As I have already experienced during my internship, they are a very professional, kind and supportive group of people and I really appreciate working with them.”

Lynn - Chinese

“Great company to work with. Aktuel’s projects are fascinating. PMs are helpful and professional. I received all my payments at once much earlier than expected.”

Mónika - Hungarian

“I am a native Hungarian translator and interpreter with over 15 years of experience. I have been working with Aktuel Translation for about four years in patent translations. Aktuel Translations is a highly valued customer of mine because they are reliable, consistent, and accurate. Their deadlines allow me to schedule my projects easily, and the staff is really nice to work with. I can always count on their assistance if any issues occur. I am looking forward to our continued cooperation.”

Egill - Icelandic

“It has been a pleasure working with Aktuel Translations for almost 4 years now. I almost always receive the projects from Aktuel Translations well in advance and therefore it makes it easier for me to organise my work. The Team of Aktuel Translations is a group of professionals.”