Have you ever been in a situation where you have to communicate with someone whose first language is not yours and you feel you may struggle to communicate properly? Have you been worried that there is potential for misunderstandings which could cause serious problems later?

This is where an interpreter is a wise investment, to make sure that everyone is clearly understood and any risk of ambiguity is removed.

We can provide an interpreter by the day or half-day for meetings at any location you choose. In fact, subject to the type of work involved, we may even be able to provide an interpreter who does not actually attend the meeting but works remotely by phone – saving you time and money. Or we can provide an interpreter who participates in a teleconference to help you to understand and be understood.

We’re sure you realise the potential for expensive mistakes that could arise from linguistic misunderstandings. A small investment in our interpreter service could save you a lot of wasted time and money.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting is a means of offering interpreting professionals by video, in a rapid and secure way. Aktuel Translations now offers a fully secure system on a professional (not social) platform.

Areas where we can help

  • Legal Advice
  • Accounting and Financial Support
  • Underwriting and Insurance Brokerage
  • Housing and Welfare Support
  • Clinical and Medical Specialist support
  • Instant linguistic support during a tender process
  • Facilitation of training programmes
  • Client and prospective client meetings

The benefits

Technical Ease

  • Virtually Instant access to interpreters
  • No servers or specific hardware or software necessary
  • No software installation necessary
  • No firewall configuration headaches

Financial planning and budget control

  • Easy to track costs
  • No fixed term contract necessary
  • No financial risks or payment upfront

Security and setup

  • Professional (not social!) platform that is more secure than social networks. Contact details of all participants are kept private
  • Instant access to answers to ambiguous points and areas needing an explanation
  • Highly specialised people with no restrictions on travel and far fewer restrictions timings and availability than normal interpreting

Sales and marketing

  • Widen your sales reach to new markets abroad
  • Seeing participants face-to-face (not via conference call) increases understanding and can make a vital difference determining the course of a sales meeting

 Why not get in touch to discuss your interpreting requirements and we can outline some suitable options for you?