Medical Translation 

Our second ever client when we started, in 1992, was St Mary’s Hospital, London. Since then we have gone on to work for several UK hospitals, dozens of medical charities, pharma companies and we have also been the preferred supplier of medical translation and language services for The Department of Health, UK.

Experience has taught us that understanding the purpose of the documentation and its target audience is as important as literal accuracy.

Calibrating text for patients and clients from extremely varied cultural backgrounds, or for medical practitioners working in different countries but needing the same level of understanding is as much an art as a science.

  • Patient Guides and Leaflets
  • Medical Reports
  • Documents and articles
  • Websites
  • Legal documentation

As an approved Department of Health translator and supplier of translation services to hospitals and medical charities for over 18 years, we have a wealth of human resources and experience to draw on.

Medical translation involves 3 distinct processes in order to assure a fully accurate translation.

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