Medical Translation Services

Medical Translation Services 

Accuracy and comprehension in medical translation is critically important for patient outcomes, and for the smooth running of healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses. And we treat getting it right as a “life or death” imperative, whether it is or not! Tailoring medical texts for a broad spectrum of cultural backgrounds, whether for patients or medical professionals, requires a delicate balance of art and science, and that’s where we come in.

What Medical Translation Services Do We Offer?

Our medical translation services have grown to encompass a wide array of materials including patient guides and leaflets, medical reports, medical documents and articles, comprehensive website content for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, and legal documentation.

We’re an accredited medical translator and service provider for several UK healthcare bodies and the many and varied medical institutions and charities we’ve worked with for over two decades testify to our accuracy and excellent customer service. We hand pick from our pool of trusted medical translators and proof-readers to offer you a best-in-class medical translation service.

Why Choose Aktuel For Medical Translation Services?

From the very beginning (all the way back in 1992!), we’ve had clients in the healthcare space. In fact, our second-ever client was St Mary’s Hospital, London. Since then, our journey has been marked by significant collaborations across the UK’s healthcare sector.

Over the years, our medical translation portfolio has expanded to include a diverse range of clients such as hospitals, medical charities, pharmaceutical companies, and notably, we’ve become the preferred provider of medical translation and language services for the Professional Standards Authority, the UK government healthcare regulator. This vast experience has underscored the critical importance of not only achieving literal accuracy but also ensuring a deep understanding of the documentation’s purpose and its audience.

You care about the patients; we’ll look after the medical translations. Medical translation is intricate, involving three distinct stages to ensure the highest level of accuracy. We are dedicated to providing the very highest quality standards in this specialised service and invite enquiries or requests for quotes. Whatever the nature or scale of your medical translation project, you’ll get a warm welcome from our friendly team.